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I was thinking about an older movie the other day. Bram Stoker’s Dracula, circa... I wanna say 1992? It’s not the best movie ever. But there’s a particular moment that’s been resonating with me - Winona Ryder, kinda high on vampire love, is essentially asking Drac to bite her. At a crux moment in the scene, she leans into him, and half moans, “...take me away from all of this... DEATH...” 

Dude. THAT IS DRACULA. Guy is going to do the exact opposite. Right now. As you’re moaning that.

I see many people (and yes, I’m mostly discussing women who are interested in men here, since that’s my primary experience) who get involved with someone like Dracula. Not famous sexy vampires - although this is Portland, which seems like a good place for that type to kick it. It’s just... they seem to seek out people who are the exact opposite of what they claim to be looking for. The girl who wants a committed, adult relationship finds the perfect philandering douche to prevent her from doing exactly that. The one who is longing to be told the truth hooks up with the BEST liar. Over and over I see it. Giving into Dracula while simultaneously moaning “...take me away from all this DEATH...”

I’m talking to myself as much as whoever may be reading/relating to this. GET YOURSELF away from all this death. Then look around. I’d imagine you’ll find a better caliber mate. 

Just my take on it.



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