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To Those With Diggety...

Two of the boys and I were in a text chat last night about nothing at all. Really, I sent a pic from last summer's best show - the barge on Devil's Lake - because I missed them, And, true to form, they started being clever. Because they are. :) As you can see from the photo, the conversation veered into wordplay, and by the end, we were discussing those with Diggety. Which my computer keeps trying to auto-correct to dignity, which is fair, considering.

I don't talk about it a lot in public, because I like to stay positive. Who doesn't? Still, considering I haven't done a blog post in a couple of years, and I'm not even sure who reads this, I'm going to level with you. I feel very lacking in Diggety these days. My sparkle is somewhat missing. I'm guessing we're all there - especially those of us used to performing 3 and 4 times a week. It's been about 2 years since I stopped having that schedule, and this morning I watched a video from the 'before times,' and once again teared up a bit.

Please understand, I am so grateful for what I have. It feels like every day another comrade-in-arms falls - announces their retirement, lets their fan base know they've caught Covid, or just pulls down their social media presence - the artist version of an 'Irish goodbye.' (Side note: is that phrase offensive? Is it okay to say it if I'm part Irish? I am...) Meanwhile, I played a fantastic livestream last night, and partied on my couch with a bunch of lovely people. I have some in-person gigs coming up, and I still get to perform. I have a home, and an amazing support structure, including a crazy/awesome family, a fantastic band, and wonderful friends. My cup runneth over. Honestly.

And yet.

I miss the spark. I miss the life I had in the before. I hope it comes back. It has to come back.


One cannot live... without Diggety. ;)



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